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First Fleur! by SpiralSapphire First Fleur! :iconspiralsapphire:SpiralSapphire 0 1
Blood Rites: First Generation Pt.1
All that proceeds began in space, from the smallest of events to the largest. A star was dying, shuddering from within, throwing off volumes of energy in pulses after pulse, stronger and stronger until, ultimately, it collapsed within itself. Along the same parallel of time, another star was becoming, spiraling, drawing energy within as it came into being.
Between the two forces of life and death, there were collisions of matter, other bits and pieces, chunks and fragments of rock and metal and unknown objects that were drawn towards what seemed to be a maelstrom. Twisting, turning, crushing, melting, forming, becoming something undefinable for an unknown length of time.
Heat and cold, light and shadow all played a part in the becoming of a trinity of stones, each one rough in its raw form, covered and coated, disguised and secreted under layers of metals mixed with rock until the weight of it all forced it to break, to splinter, to fall apart into three segments.
The currents, eddies,
:iconspiralsapphire:SpiralSapphire 0 1
Imp by SpiralSapphire Imp :iconspiralsapphire:SpiralSapphire 0 1 My Cartoon Feet by SpiralSapphire My Cartoon Feet :iconspiralsapphire:SpiralSapphire 0 2
The Risk Part 1
The sky was an angry grey, flashes of lightening split the air and thunder shook the ground, rattling the windows with their intensity.
A half-burnt hut stood on the edge of a dense wood, the ground slick with mud as rain drenched everything in a downpour.
From the wood came a small yet slim, hooded figure, head down to watch the ground, sometimes able to move from a soaked grassy patch to a rock, to another grassy patch.
Grey eyes that matched the color of the current sky lifted as the rain eased up for a a brief moment, the wind whipping hard at the hood that obscured the pale features.
What remained of the door to the hut was wide open and there was a flicker of light within. Reaching the doorway, the grey eyes peered within.
"You're late," A brusque voice intoned, the bulk of the man in front of the fireplace, light streaming from either side of him. He wore dark clothing, the massive shoulders rolling back a few times, the seams threatening to split, but staying in place.
The slim
:iconspiralsapphire:SpiralSapphire 2 3


The Creativity Bug

Journal Entry: Thu May 2, 2013, 9:15 PM

It has bitten me...again. I'm not exactly sure what's happened in the last ten or so years, but I've really haven't had the urge to write or do any kind of artwork until late this past year. Maybe I'm in a different place in my life, my situation has changed...

My father is in the War Veteran's Home, he has Dementia but is WELL looked after. Hubby and I had talked with him about it and he seemed okay with the idea and we visit him as often as we can.  I've been caring for my Dad since 2004 and let me tell you, it's not easy. I love him dearly but it was past the point of endurance. He was getting to be too much for even the two of us. He, my dad, can't help how he is and it doesn't make me love him any less. The fact that he's in the hands of trained professionals AND around others of his own age who have seen military service is a relief that you can't imagine.

I've had to take some steps back, though, and just look around at what my life is like now. For the first time in a very long time, I feel a sense of freedom...a measure of peace is entering my life. Sure, the bills still need to be paid the animals fed, the longrun, life is improving in ways I wasn't sure possible.

But, was feeling a bit of depression creeping in..more rain than has been so very I did what I could to pull myself out of that bit of funk, I started an herb garden. I have seen Facebook postings about spiral herb gardens and so I thought, why not? Get the seeds going and see where it takes you.

I've also found several websites on making fairy gardens and that intrigues me...there's a tree on the side of the yard that, interestingly enough, has a large section of open trunk. I'm going to be very, very careful about it, don't want to hurt/smother the tree, but thinking that might make an awesome fairy garden. You can make fairy gardens out of broken pottery, too. I just need to remember to take pictures of whatever I do. I want more results, though, tangible results to post.

I bought a brand new black steel mailbox and painted it with Fleur di lis. I'm very proud of it, and if I have the funds, I want to make a few more for sale. I have a book of stencils and I think I will try and copy different designs so no two mail box has the same design.

Oh, and I'm writing, have more ideas for writing and just enjoying what I'm writing if nothing else.

I like the idea of filling my life with some projects, some that will have to be done sooner rather than later, others I can take my time with.

More later...Ciao, for now!

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